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Friday, 05 June 2015

Why You Have to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Ιστοσελίδα

Google is updating the algorithms, which will have a significant impact on the ranking of mobile sites when searching from mobile devices. This upgrade improves the rankings for websites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to those searching from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) while setting fur-ther back those sites that are not compatible with mobile versions.

How it Affects your Business

Let's say for example that someone searches for "hotel myconos". From April 21st onwards, results on the smartphone will be ranked based on the relative friendliness of the sites in a mobile environment. As you can see in the picture, Google already indicates sites that are mobile-friendly (see index "For mobile").

On April 21st, the hint will become part of the evaluation algorithm, directly affecting the ranking order. This change will have a significant impact on the results of mobile searchers.

Η 3ds θα σας βοηθήσει να δημιουργήσετε μία mobile friendly ιστοσελίδα

How Many People Are Looking for You?

In this specific search, 18% of users search for mobile devices. In every business, mobile searches vary, start-ing at 10% and ranging from 30% to 35%.

Find out if your site is search engine friendly

Contact and find out if your site is search engine friendly (SEO friendly). Upgrade your corpo-rate presence for those who look for your mobile business and for those who visit you from mobile devices.

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