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Friday, 25 January 2019

Haven’t you decided on the development of your mobile app yet?

Εσύ ακόμα να φτιάξεις το δικό σου mobile app;

With so many mobile apps in the Applications Stores, everybody wants to design one!

But, what can you do with yours? How much difficult (and expensive) is the development of a mobile app in iOS, Android & Windows environment? Thereafter, how will you gain many users to have profit from your applications?

In the following article, we will try to give answers to some inquiries that can discourage you from entering the unknown (still for many users) world of mobile applications.

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Do I need a mobile app for my project?


Applications exist to facilitate our daily lives – apps for information, entertainment, radio apps, mobile games, and how much more – everything in our microcosm nowadays revolves around an application.


Every day more and more people spend their time on tablets & smartphones, using applications. According to the latest research from, the average user navigates to at least nine applications from the device every day – that number is constantly increasing as smartphones are becoming more important.

There is an impression that a mobile app is an exclusive matter for corporations. WRONG.

Anyone, from a small business, a personal blog, an amateur radio station, a photographer, a travel blogger, a collector, etc. can use the benefits of a mobile app to increase both their audience and their profits.

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What will your app offer to the users?    

Whatever the project to be implemented, you need to do your research in competition and similar apps, to see what is lacking and what you can do to improve it. Ask, search, and share your idea, get feedback, and adjust your plans, if necessary (almost always).


Native App or Web App?         &nbsp

Initially, it is easier and faster to create web applications using one of the available online app builders. The process is quite similar to building a website and can easily be done by anyone with minimal programming knowledge through the drag and drop technique.But somewhere here, all the positives of the web apps end. All web applications are limited by the browser itself that the user uses to open and run the application. A web app cannot have access to more advanced features that a native application can offer. At the same time, they are a little slower as they communicate via a server (sending a request and waiting for a response).

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But what is a native app anyway?     

Native, are the applications that are developed exclusively for each platform, making the most of the capabilities and features of each device, tablet, or smartphone. This is achieved by using a specific programming language for each operating system and more specifically Java for Android devices, Objective-C, or Swift for those devices running on the iOS operating system and C # for Windows.

Through native mobile app, its user can interact with other applications and social networks, receive push notifications and use hardware such as a camera, microphone, gyroscope, GPS sensor, etc. In contrast, in a web app, the user is quite limited as he will have to rely on the capabilities of each browser to browse the application.

Finally, native design automatically manages to operate with optimal performance in speed, and at the same time uses all the latest features of each operating system. All native applications can be downloaded for free or for a fee, from each application store, iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. So, automatically, the native apps get the quality stamp of the "big 3" mobile platforms through which the applications become available.

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With which platforms should I begin?   


The 3 most popular platforms, iTunes, Google Play & Microsoft Store, strive daily to attract as many app users and developers as possible, to increase their market share. All you have to do is to make sure your application is not missing from anywhere.

And which should you leave out?

Google dominates as 72% of all smartphones & tablets worldwide run Android, Apple with its prestige and reliability has managed to gain a fanatical audience of 1.4 billion users and finally, Microsoft allows all users to download apps through the Microsoft Store from the comfort of their own home, on a laptop, desktop or any other device that "operates" on Windows.

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How can I have some revenue?  

It's time for the much-discussed monetization – how we can get revenue from our applications. Here appear the ads within the applications. This is where in-app ads come into play. And when we say ads, we don't mean full screen, which forces users to wait 30 seconds before continuing whatever they were doing (we know, there are some). They can simply appear as a small banner at the bottom of the screen, generating extra revenue every time a user sees or "clicks" them.

There are many more ways to generate revenue from applications such as promoting third-party businesses via push messages or by renting space to place a service/product within the application – always at the corresponding price. Finally, an app may not be distributed for free but may have a download price – but its content and features should match the price set.

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That’s good to know, but I don’t have a clue about programming! What should I do?  

We know, you are thinkers and not doers, and obviously, some of you do not have any knowledge of coding, especially if you need to "write" hundreds of lines of code (and even in 2-3 different programming languages).

The good news is that entering the (highly competitive) mobile market does not present the difficulties of the large sums of money as in the past. With a small investment, you can get your applications in the most prevalent operating systems and start offering your audience a meticulous experience, with greater interactivity as well as profitability for you.

3ds, through Looksomething, allows you to get into the mobile market, promote your content through native applications, increase your audience, and earn extra revenue. At a very low cost, you can get your application for your company, blog, website, product, service, or hobby with a significant small investment in time, effort, and money!


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It provides solutions addressed to any kind of business or individual, from applications for radio stations and apps for news agencies & blogs to applications for hotels, applications for cafes-restaurants, service providers, universities, gyms, photographers, etc.


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We hope we have answered some of your questions and helped you explore even a little bit the huge world of mobile apps that are getting more ground in our lives!

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