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Monday, 30 May 2016

The importance of Google Analytics in promoting your business

Πόσο σημαντικά είναι τα Google Analytics;

It is now common knowledge, in our time, a time when technological development has reached its zenith, that your business needs to have an online presence.

Your site is the mirror of your business and is a key "space" for your customers, the presentation of your products or services, and of course, it is the central "tool" through which you aim to increase customer base, sales, and your subscribers.


Today, there are countless ideas for creating a web site and e-shop which can greatly improve the presence of your business.
See here some of our work.


3ds will boost your website through demographics section of google analytics

This way, you will be able to know at any time the number of your visitors, the duration of their interaction with your page, with your services, and more.

To talk in a little more detail, our special partners, through our Real-Time reports, can give you information about the number of visitors who are connected to your site at a given time, the geographical location of their connection, as well as information about who these users are and their actions on your page.


3ds will boost your website through traffic section of google analytics


Another tool that can drastically help promote your services is Site Search which detects the keywords that will give you a clear indication of what visitors are looking for on your page. Our partners can identify these keywords and use them for the benefit of your business by bringing a more targeted audience to your site, and therefore more sell possibilities.




An important parameter that can play a big role in the proper performance of your business activity through the internet, is the speed of your site. Just think that Google calculates the ranking of your page based on the speed of your site! And of course, speed is important for the visitor of your site, since if it's slow, it can easily tire him out and so he will leave much faster.


google analytics tips illustration

Finally, by following the right strategy, using the necessary tools and analyzing the data obtained from your site's analysis, the experts of 3ds in Google Analytics can draw the conclusions that can help you launch your site.


Are you still thinking about it?

Contact us to discover the possibilities of Google Analytics!

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