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Monday, 25 January 2021

Do we really need SEO?

Do we really need SEO?

Many businesses have started asking what is SEO and how can help their business. In this context, 3ds would like to cite some basic thoughts and inquiries for a better understanding of this specific practice.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the set of actions needed to improve the ranking of a website in search engine results. Furthermore, it is the procedure followed to increase both the quality and quantity of a website's traffic through organic (non – paid) results on search engines.

Daily, the users of the Internet make more than 3.000.000 searches on the search engine of Google, without counting the rest. It is understood that having your website appear on the first page of search results can be a powerful competitive advantage. There are more than 200 factors that influence the final ranking of your website. Indicatively:

  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Has your website original content;
  • Does your site offer HTTPS for a safer connection to the users? 
  • Is the speed of your page fast enough, to contribute positively to the user experience?

The set of actions needed to optimize the ranking of a site is divided into two categories:

Onsite SEO actions aimed at upgrading and improving a website in terms of design and structure, technical formatting, and content. At the same time, there are Offsite SEO actions that are not implemented on our site but on third party sites, blogs, and forums that aim to make our website relevant and reliable to the many search engines.

How can I tell if my website needs optimization?

The ranking of a website in the search result can be measured with the help of complex algorithms. Specific algorithms are subject to various changes throughout the year, which creates the need for constant monitoring and updating of the website to successfully cover as many of these criteria as possible. Some of the latest updates have resulted in a decrease in traffic and rankings for the majority of websites worldwide.

At this point, we present some of the most important reasons that make necessary the optimization of your website. Specifically:

Did you change your domain and you did not inform Google?

If you changed the name of your domain without following the appropriate actions, to inform the search engines, then it is quite possible or even more probable for your ranking to drop to very low levels.

Are some of your pages no longer indexed?

Are you sure you have configured appropriately the pages with your products and services to appear in search engine results?

Has the number of your valid links decreased?

Each site has a plethora of internal and external links that indicate the quality and authority of a site for search engines. The more informative and up-to-date a site is about its subject, the more qualitative it is characterized by search engines, and therefore it is more desirable from sites, blogs, and third-party forums to create links.

  • Is your website optimized for mobile devices?

All search engines tend to reward mobile-friendly websites with the ability to rank higher in search results, while those that are not, are less likely.

Did you move your website to slow speed hosts?

Page speed is one of the key indicators on whether your website is SEO friendly. Short response times contribute to successful user experience and therefore increase the likelihood of your site ranking high in search results.

Have you neglected the quality of your content?

One of the most important criteria to get a better ranking in search engine results is quality content. Are you sure you offer something really useful to the user? Do you offer something ordinary and commonplace or you have created all the conditions to offer something of real value that will motivate users to spend time reading your pages and exploring your website?

Have you made any significant modifications to your website?

Even the seemingly apparent change to your site can negatively affect the ranking of your website if it is not targeted. All the changes that can be made from a simple differentiation in a URL or a page title to a complete redesign of the page can be disastrous if not done according to the principles of SEO.

Have you recently received sanctions?

Just as some actions affect positively your website's ranking in search engine results, there is also a set of actions to avoid that can harm its final position. In particular, search engines are extremely strict about compliance and do not hesitate to penalize a site that violates the rules which result in not only dramatically lowering the rankings but also not allowing its restoration for a long time.

For the above reasons and even more, it is of major importance that you take into consideration SEO best practices, both in your website design and in the optimization of your existing website. The leading digital marketing agency of 3ds is here to help you in every stage of the process of making your digital venture a success.

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