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Change My City Dimitris Deligiannis
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Change My City

Dimitris Deligiannis


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO

Year of Implementation

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The Candidate Mayor of Pavlos Mela, Dimitris Deligiannis, trusted our company with the design, development and promotion of his new website. Our aim was to create a fresh and youthful design through which the user could be informed about the actions of the candidate mayor. The whole design was framed around the logo of the "Change My City" lineup, where the 5 pillars were developed: Embrace, Flower, Decide, Care, Design.

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Following the site launch, Digital Marketing department undertook the promotion of the candidate's website and Social Media, designing an integrated Marketing Plan aiming in informing the citizens of the wider municipality. At the same time Copywriting Department in collaboration with S.E.O. created a targeted content sharing across a range of local media in order to achieve the highest possible recognition of the candidate mayor.


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