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Amelies Fashion Eshop


Fashion Eshop


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consulting
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

Year of Implementation


AMELIES co. has been active in the field of fashion since 2016, providing a wide variety of products at affordable prices. It has shown a successful course, with a strong presence and activity on Social Media, while it has managed to stand out among the most remarkable fashion companies in the eCommerce.

3ds undertook the complete transformation of the company into a modern and easy-to-use online website, according to the latest trends of design and development. A major emphasis was given to an elegant appearance of the website, with the creative department choosing the appropriate colors and font that will follow the new style of the company. A modern online store has been designed, with an emphasis on the optimal UX (User Experience), through which visitors can complete their purchases quickly and at an instant.

Regarding the optimization for the search engines, comprehensive research was conducted on keywords, competition, and possible topics for the fashion blog of, from which the target audience was reached organically. The optimization actions were carried out at the level of content, structure, and technical implementation, aiming at the smoothest possible transition from the old to the new website (URL mapping — 301 redirects) and the achievement of the best possible organic rankings. This resulted in the gradual increase of organic traffic and the improvement of's ranking in search results as well as the increase in online shopping.


With the implementation and renewal of the website, the Digital Marketing department undertook the targeted promotion of the site. A complete marketing plan was created, which included Google actions with Search Display & Dynamic campaigns to attract an audience. At the same time, a complete personalized strategy, based on remarketing, was followed with the aim of brand awareness for Amelies. Great importance was given to the Social Media campaigns, mainly on Facebook & Instagram, with special emphasis on Instagram due to the large number of women who use it. Finally, Email Marketing was implemented through simple submissions and automated newsletters to achieve better performance and to maintain contact with the company's customers.


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