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Epidosis provides accounting, legal, translation and auditing services in the Greek and overseas markets through personalized tax planning, a unique consulting and business planning approach, able to cover every aspect and need of a business in a modern and dynamic environment.


UI / UX Design, Custom Development, Digital Marketing, Consulting, SEO

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The challenge

The main challenge of this project was Epidosis's great potential to be delivered in a modern digital environment, and at the same time, the enormous amount of information that existed, which needed to be organized and presented in an easy and understandable way to the visitor.


The strategy was to create a modern and user-friendly environment that would present the and vast range of services Epidosis offers in an understandable way. For this reason, a thorough analysis of the competition, as well as of the business community, was carried out, so that the new website could be enriched with quality content that would be of value to the visitors. Thus, our marketing department was able to successfully promote it in appropriate channels.

At a corporate identity level, it was considered necessary to update the logo and slogan that were adapted to the design of the new website's creatives. Finally, an integrated digital marketing plan was developed with the aim of collecting leads, and building awareness for the pioneering service of personalized tax planning, and promoting the full range of Epidosis services to businesses operating in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Poland.


A website with fresh and modern design that fully captures the natural dynamics of Epidosis. Visitors can easily find out about all the services offered by the business and communicate with them using comprehensive and clear CTAs (Call to Action).


Epidosis Epidosis Epidosis


The purpose of the content creation actions in this project was double. On the one hand, the complex concept of personalized tax planning and the range of basic and complementary services had to be understood, while on the other hand, the texts had to be search engine optimized to meet the needs of S.E.O. At the same time, based on specific keywords, defined in collaboration with the S.E.O. department, we created content for the website's blog that aimed a) to continually add fresh content to inform visitors, b) its usage by the Digital Marketing department and c) to  increase organic traffic in targeted searches.

Search Engine Optimization

S.E.O. actions, concerned the optimization of the website both technically and in content level, in collaboration with the copywriting department. Special emphasis was given to the compatibility of the site with mobile devices, its loading speed and the creation of an optimal structure to allow the visitor to navigate the website as easily as possible.


3ds proposed a fresh and contemporary corporate presentation with clean design and bold images that underlined the innovation and vision of the Epidosis portfolio. Both the typography and the colors used for the site were based on Epidosis's identity, to maximize the brand's consistency through offline and online media and to create a new digital footprint for Epidosis.


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