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KARIDA 1912 E-shop – Women’s Shoes and Accessories
KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |


E-shop – Women’s Shoes and Accessories


  • Consulting
  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO

Year of Implementation

KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |


With more than 100 years of presence in the field of women's footwear, KARIDA 1912 has turned creativity, quality, and passion for high aesthetics to art.

But how do you "digitally" translate this today?

First off, it was never our goal to create just another e-shop.

Our aim was to harmoniously combine luxury with freshness, timelessness with modern requirements, quality with contemporary aesthetics.

So how do you do that?

How do you bring two worlds together?

Development and digital marketing certainly played a big part in the final result, but design, both in terms of site architecture and visuals, was the main axis on which the project was based.

And the result justified us!

KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |

The challenge

How do you increase brand awareness, traffic, and conversions in an e-commerce site in 2022? In a sector as competitive as that of women's shoes, nonetheless?

And most importantly, how do you do that while maintaining the characteristics and aesthetics of a well-established company?

E-commerce in Greece, as well as worldwide, is flourishing and competition is fierce.

So, what makes an e-shop stand out?


The methodology

Fast loading speed, impressive yet "clean" design, comprehensive SEO strategy, words that drive actions and of course social media marketing that… never sleeps, are just few of the elements that you need to put in the mix.

Do you want to know how we managed to combine all this?

The strategy we developed for KARIDA 1912 started dynamically from an early age.

We asked fundamental questions and relied on systematic research to come up with possibilities and opportunities, target audience, and ideal marketing mix.

At 3ds we leave nothing to chance!


The result

Competition analysis was fruitful both in terms of SEO/keyword research and content for a unified content marketing strategy.

Performance marketing to new and remarketing audiences brought quick results due to thorough targeting and creative visuals, while user experience led quickly to conversions due to state-of-the-art UX/UI design.

After testing again and again, we ended up creating a functional and easy-to-use e-commerce site, which fully meets today’s requirements.

The collaboration of the Development, Design and Digital Marketing departments contributed to the creation of an e-shop that is now a top-player in the field.



KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |


Responsive user experience, both on desktop and mobile devices, was our primary goal.

So, before we "open our doors" to the public through digital and email marketing, we made sure that user experience within the site would be exemplary:

  • Users quickly find what they are looking for through a “clear” menu, without complex structure or categorization
  • Each product’s description encourages sales
  • Concise call-to-action buttons drive conversions
  • Check out is done just in a few clicks
  • Navigation via mobile devices is quick and easy

The right UX/UI Design is essential to the success of an e-commerce site today and at 3ds we know how to tackle any problem!


Digital Marketing

Wondering how to promote an e-shop today? Your digital marketing strategy must have it all!

For KARIDA 1912, 3ds ran and continues to run ads on all appropriate media, taking into account the data collected and making the necessary modifications where necessary.

Social media marketing, Google Ads and email marketing are just 3 of the ways we used to bring the desired results, whatever the goals we set in each campaign.

Especially in terms of Facebook and Instagram campaigns, our ads were so successful that we were honored with the Bronze award in the category Best in Fashion and Luxury at the Social Media Awards 2021!



The SEO department proceeded with optimization actions, both in terms of architecture and content.

SEO and Design collaborated with the best possible user experience in mind, through an SEO-friendly architecture that serves the purposes of each potential customer.

Along with meta tags, Tech SEO, and local SEO, we created high-quality content through blogging, managing to bring KARIDA 1912 to the top of Google results for many of the keywords we aimed.



E-shop development brought to life what Design and SEO defined as essential for dominating organic results.

We proceeded with the site’s integration with an ERP system for optimal and easy renewal of stock in real time, while also offering custom solutions in order to build an online store that meets both the requirements of the brand and Google.

Like we said, at 3ds we leave nothing to chance!

If you also have an e-commerce site – or just an idea – and you want to bring it to the top, contact 3ds.

We are here to create the next success story with you!


KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |
KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |
KARIDA 1912 – Digital Projects |
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