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Levanda Events Event organizer
Levanda Events

Levanda Events

Event organizer


  • UI / UX Design
  • Logo Redesign
  • Custom Development

Year of Implementation

Levanda events

A hobby that started from the creative nature of Cassiani, a woman with a great interest in organizing events, and soon it was evolved into a great love that in 2015 took the form of Levanda Events. A personal project that aims to transform unique moments into life experiences. Special events, from weddings and christenings to children's parties, which Levanda Events undertakes and turn them into unforgettable memories.

With absolute respect for Cassiani's character and creations, the experienced 3ds team undertook the redesign of the logo and the implementation of a new digital presence for Levanda Events, which reflects the artistic look, philosophy, and result of her work. The completion of the new logo is in line with the brand and visually stands out as an elegant and functional brand, which will be recognizable to the general public.

Levanda events

The creative department of 3ds chose the proper color palette and font, which matches the brand and the new style of Levanda Events, combining a modern and easy to use design, with emphasis on the best UI (User Experience). The visitor can learn more about the creation of Levanda Events, browse in comfort through an artistic canvas of the presentation of the services offered, draw ideas for his special event, and get in touch directly. The design lines, the soft colors that, in combination with the selected typography, manage to embrace and highlight to the maximum the whole website, also contribute to this experience.

During the design of the website, there was also special emphasis given to facilitate the user's navigation on all devices and screens, such as mobile devices, to cover the percentage of visitors who visit it via smartphones. All pages of the website work perfectly in every analysis, creating a flawless and responsive experience for every visitor, which communicates the message of Cassiani and Levanda Events perfectly.


Levanda events
Levanda events
Levanda events
Levanda events
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