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Ossu Fashion eShop
Ossu – Fashion eShop


Fashion eShop


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Year of Implementation


Ossu – Fashion eShop

Ossu is a clothing company that has been active in the fashion field since 1970. Each of its products follows a basic philosophy: they create clothes that will accompany all women and give a unique style, both in their everyday and formal appearances. The experience and knowledge gained by its team for the production of clothing, and its remarkable passion for fashion, were enough to decide the creation of a modern online store. To evolve from a skilled artisanship into a well-known clothing store.

The experienced team of 3ds handled the construction of an eshop for Ossu, which will follow the modern trends of the online market and will make an impression on the visitor. The design of the website was done from scratch. Based on its elegant and modern appearance, the creative department chose the appropriate font and colors, which follow the style of the company and associate with its young audience.

A modern online store has been created, with an emphasis on the optimal UX (User Experience), through which visitors can immediately complete their purchases. Also, hoovers were integrated to enhance the eshop’s user response, and search filters so that online shopping can be carried out easily and efficiently.

Ossu – Fashion eShop

Before the eshop went live, the SEO department carried out targeted actions to optimize the eshop ranking in search engines. In particular, we applied the best onsite practices at the level of structure and technical implementation. For their successful completion, various SEO tools were used, while all landing pages were properly configured in terms of metadata and header tags. All actions were aimed at the optimal and best indexing of all search engines. The last step of Onsite SEO was the registration of the Ossu domain in the official tool of Google, the Google Search Console, so that information and data of the eshop related to the visits of the users could be collected.

After the completion of the eshop, the Digital Marketing department proceeded with targeted promotion with campaigns on Google and Facebook to enhance the brand’s recognition and collect conversion stats.


Ossu – Fashion eShop
Ossu – Fashion eShop
Ossu – Fashion eShop
Ossu – Fashion eShop
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