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Pervedere sunglasses are a fresh trend in the fashion. Inspired by the unique style, one can find at the Italian Riviera resorts, they provide sun protection, while being a fashionable accessory at affordable prices.


UI / UX Design, Custom Development, Digital Marketing, Consulting, SEO

Creation Year


The challenge was a special project as its business idea was born inside 3ds. After extensive research and evaluation of business opportunities, the product was identified together with all those elements that would differentiate it from the competition. The design of the whole corporate identity was followed by the placement and promotion of the product in the market with a set of coordinated digital marketing actions.


The business concept was analyzed at consulting and e-business level with particular emphasis on research and analysis of best trends and practices that will lead to the diversification and creation of a competitive product, with a clear targeting and easily accessible audience. The strategy created included, designing the corporate identity, defining the audience as well as how to approach it, developing an integrated digital marketing plan and finally setting a sales target. All of the above have been successfully embedded in a functional and easy-to-use e-shop that fully met the needs of its audience and fulfilled the objective set by the original strategic planning.


A modern online store has been developed, aiming at the optimum user experience always combined with the particularities of the specific target audience of the product. Easy checkout with modern payment methods, easy to categorize and classify products using clear filters, complete mobile device optimization, and fast loading speed combined with a digital marketing strategy that has enabled channels which attract a large number of potential customers. The result of the collective efforts of the Design, Development & Digital Marketing departments was to achieve the desired sales results with a gradual increase of the traffic to the e-shop.


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