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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

But Email Marketing Is Dead! (You will think). And yet.

Email Marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to reach your audience!

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Did you know that every $ 1 spent on email marketing usually generates about $ 38 in return on investment?

It may be several years since it first appeared, but email and its use in email marketing continues to be one of the most effective channels in digital marketing. It has managed to become one of the most useful tools, while it is one of the easiest, fastest and at the same time extremely efficient solutions for promotion.

Can I do it myself?

You need the right tools, knowledge and experience to properly articulate your message, the aesthetics to design it and the data to analyze its efficiency.

The emails that we will be sending together belong to a broader eBusiness strategy and aim to gain the greatest possible engagement of your subscribers so that they can carry out the desired action.

We will not just send a Newsletter! We will send a Newsletter that will target the sale.

How will we do this?

  • Content personalization based on user behavior. Digital consumers want advertising to be more personal and tailored to their needs and preferences. So, with specialized tools and methods, we automate the newsletter mechanism, and each recipient receives the product he or she wants to see or is interested in buying!
  • We set custom scripts that capture your customers' traffic within the site, and we automatically send newsletters as soon as they leave the eshop without making a purchase!
  • Our newsletters are personalized. Each recipient receives a newsletter with their name on the title.
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