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Tuesday, 14 April 2020
Support Policy

Support Procedure:

Receipt of support requests is done in the following ways:

  1. By sending an email
    το (if you do not receive an automatic response from our mail that we received your request, then contact us by phone)
  2. By phone
    at 2310460844 or 2310445716 where only the registration of your request is done and then it is transferred to the competent department for its settlement. The technical department will contact you via email.

Note: for your best service and to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations in oral communication, make sure that your questions are sent via email.

After resolving each of your issues you will receive a report of our work, implementation time, and the rest of your available support time.

Support Services include:

  1. Coding issues (updates, patches) in the application core
  2. Security upgrades
  3. Visual interventions
  4. Education of users in matters of applications (in our offices or online only by appointment)
  5. Update website content texts, photos, videos, photo editing, etc.
  6. Hosting & mail support as mentioned in the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Support Plans

Support Time Cost of Support Package Cost Per hour
3 hours 180 € 60 €
6 hours 330 € 55 €
10 hours 500 € 50 €
15 hours 675 € 45 €

*The above prices do not include VAT


Support time has no expiration date and lasts until it runs out. For your best service, there should be an active package of at least one hour.

In case you requested new functions or installation and creation of new applications on your website, the works are calculated based on the current price list or the recording and analysis of your work after contacting the sales department.

We do not support IT tasks (e.g. fixes on computers - terminals or mobile devices, as well as their programs such as mail clients, antivirus etc.)

Ways to Buy Support Packages:

By depositing in a bank account of our company the cost of the support package you want.


Account Number: 00260014260200564775

IBAN: GR63 0260 0140 0002 6020 0564 775



Account Number: 5259-068613-789

IBAN: GR74 0172 2590 0052 5906 8613 789

The above accounts refer to the name of the company: NIKOLAOS NASIOKAS kai SIA OE.

*In case of any change in the support policy our company will inform you by email.

Contact us if you need any information or clarification

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