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What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO includes all the on-site and off-site actions that may increase the quantity and quality of the traffic originating from organic (unpaid) results of search engines.

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Do I really need SEO?

Let's try something. Search your product or service on Google!

  • Does your website or eshop appear somewhere?
  • Is it on the first results?
  • Does a competitor appear higher than you?

In order for your website or eshop to appear higher in specific searches then the implementation of a comprehensive website promotion & optimization strategy is a one-way street.

What do I win?

More visitors, a targeted audience, branding, increased sales, high search engine rankings - these are only some of the benefits of a successful SEO strategy.

What do SEO Services include?

  • Keyword research and competition analysis
  • Onsite technical SEO (website optimization)
  • Link building and obtaining quality backlinks
  • Local SEO & Google My Business optimization
  • International SEO
  • Content creation and blogging
  • Evaluation of actions and reporting

How will we start?

Search engine optimization and website promotion are done in one day! Based on your needs and goals we will create a long-term SEO strategy always adapted to the broader digital marketing strategy of your brand.

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