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Radio Apps

Radio Apps

How can I obtain more audience?

By getting your own mobile app you can easily reach thousands of listeners instantly through the application stores.

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By acquiring your own radio app, each user can download and install the application of your radio station on their device any time.


What can you gain with a radio app?

  • Greater recognition for your radio station
  • Greater engagement with your audience, anytime, anywhere
  • Increase the loyalty of your listeners - users see you constantly on their screen
  • Extra revenue through Google Ads (AdMob) or through selling advertising space
  • Radio stations that invest in a mobile app are considered more reliable by their audience
  • Better experience for your listeners, in relation to listening through a website player

A solution designed exclusively for radio stations.

Our integrated solution includes native apps for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) which you can easily manage using the same dashboard.

What features will my radio app have?

With features that allow you to interact directly with your audience, push notification and monetization functions, you can easily attract a large number of users to use your mobile app daily.

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