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Social Media Marketing

How many posts will I have on my page? - How many likes will I get each month? Caution! You're misled. Social Media is not just what you see on your Facebook page or Instagram. It's mainly all the set up work and actions behind these pages.

Learn more about what we will do

The codes that will record in detail your entire audience, the content your followers will interact with and the ads your customers will be exposed to.

How will we start?

  • The Brief! All the information about your business and your goals is the most important aspect!
  • Having received from you all needed information, we create a personalized Marketing Plan that analyzes every action on Social Media, and mainly the WHY?
  • Marketing Plan is implemented, ads are running, your site becomes crowded (and therefore sales) and we are gathering data.
  • Once data is sufficient, we analyze and redefine the goals together, based on the data we have collected.

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