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Apostolidis Foods Food Storage and Distribution
Apostolidis Foods

Apostolidis Foods

Food Storage and Distribution


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO
  • Copywriting

Year of Implementation

Apostolidis Foods

Apostolidis Foods is a company operating in the representation, storage, and distribution of food. Its goal is to cater to professional catering venues and supermarket chains. After the successful course from its first appearance in 1981, as a representative and distributor of standard products, it evolved into its current form.

As part of creating a renewed digital presence, the experienced 3ds team undertook the design of a business website that will stand out. In order to present the company’s products in a direct and functional way, a website was built with high aesthetics and primarily user convenience. The previous logo of the company underwent remodeling, keeping the orange color, and strengthening the commercial identity of Apostolidis, standing out as an elegant, modern, and professional brand.

Apostolidis Foods

The primary goal of the design of the new website is the presentation of products and personalized offers by industry. Compared to the websites of respective companies in the field of representation, storage, and distribution of food, a light and professional website was designed and created that stands out. To facilitate the search for products and finding information depending on the company to which it is addressed, the UI / UX design team added icons to highlight each type of business, contributing to the visualization of the information.

Then, targeted SEO optimization actions were implemented, in terms of structure, content, and technical utilization in order to move as smoothly as possible to the new domain and achieve the best possible organic rankings. Initially, competition, keyword, and thematic research were conducted focusing on the new website (e.g. industries, product categories). At the technical level, detailed URL mapping was performed to redirect the old URLs to the new ones (301 Redirects), 404 error / thin content pages were removed in order to optimize the available crawl budget, targeted metadata tags and SEO-friendly URLs were created, header tags were defined while great emphasis was placed on image optimization. In terms of website architecture and structure, the SEO and Design departments collaborated with the aim of the best possible user experience (UX). Finally, text copywriting (SEO Copywriting) was performed, for example, descriptions of categories, about, etc. to enhance the overall ranking of the website in search engines.


Apostolidis Foods
Apostolidis Foods
Apostolidis Foods
Apostolidis Foods
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