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DecoDomus Furniture - Home Decoration
DecoDomus – Digital Projects |


Furniture - Home Decoration


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Year of Implementation

DecoDomus – Digital Projects |

With experience and high aesthetics, the company Diakosmos has been active for several years in home, lighting, and decoration furnishings. Each creation follows the latest decoration trends with stylistic perfection, aesthetic harmony, and artistic touches. The goal of the company, besides providing quality products, is the best customer service and the implementation of solutions that will fully meet their needs. Based on the requirements of the modern era and the development of e-commerce, Diakosmos asked for 3ds to create its first eshop, DecoDomus.

In collaboration with the Creative department, the design of the corporate identity was carried out from scratch. The name DecoDomus was chosen as an original, auspicious, and timeless suggestion, which will facilitate future services and implementations of the company. Also, a new logo was created, inspired by the decorative art style of Art Deco, which is characterized mainly by geometric patterns and curvilinear shapes. The initials D of DecoDomus were used to compose a logo with a special geometric shape and an easily recognizable image.

Combined with curvilinear contours and vibrant colors of green and pink, a beautiful and stylish eshop of products was created. In addition, the
UI / UX design of DecoDomus’ digital presence is characterized by high aesthetics and minimal design with the categorization of products by type and by category, while the fast response facilitates the navigation of the visitor.

DecoDomus – Digital Projects |

Then, the SEO department performed technical optimization at the level of metadata, header tags & images. Onsite optimization is complete with domain registration in Google Search Console, Google's official tool.

With the last stage of implementation completed, the Digital Marketing department proceeded with targeted promotion and campaigns on
Google and Facebook, in order to strengthen the digital presence and the brand of DecoDomus.


DecoDomus – Digital Projects |
DecoDomus – Digital Projects |
DecoDomus – Digital Projects |
DecoDomus – Digital Projects |
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