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Elektra Hotel Thassos Hotel
Elektra Hotel Thassos

Elektra Hotel Thassos



  • UI / UX Design
  • SEO
  • Custom Development

Year of Implementation

Elektra Hotel Thassos

The hotel complex of Elektra Hotel Thassos is one of the best accommodations on the island of Thassos. It stands out for its fully equipped spaces and the authentic experience of island hospitality that it offers to the visitor. In addition, in an attempt to enhance sustainability and environmental awareness, they choose environmentally friendly consumables and fuels with low emissions for the hotel’s transportation.

Taking into account the basic philosophy of the hotel for the reduction of climate change, as well as the high level of its services, 3ds undertook the design of a website that could meet the special style and eco-friendly character of the hotel. That is why the soft tonality of the green color was used, the color of nature, which exudes freshness, harmony and security, while at the same time offering the sense of tranquility.

Elektra Hotel Thassos

However, what makes Elektra Hotel Thasos different from other hotels is not only the accommodation in it but also the opportunity to live various authentic eco - friendly experiences. Based on this, a modern and functional website was designed emphasizing the green character and the ecological values of the hotel, as well as the best user experience through UI / UX, both on desktop and mobile devices.

In terms of SEO and search engine optimization, best On-Site practices were applied. The SEO strategy started with actions at the level of structure and technical implementation using a variety of in-house tools and platforms while at the same time optimized at the level of metadata & header tags, basically landing pages, aiming at the best possible indexing by search engines. Finally, the domain was registered in the Google Search Console, an official tool of Google, which allows access to important information on the website and the users’ activity.


Elektra Hotel Thassos
Elektra Hotel Thassos
Elektra Hotel Thassos
Elektra Hotel Thassos
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