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Ifos Fashion

Fashon Eshop

The goal of Ifos Fashion is to serve the needs of every woman with clothes that can be adapted to all body types from small up to 5XL.


UI / UX Design, Logo Redesign, Custom Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Consulting

Creation Year


The challenge

The challenge of this project was to develop a new e shop and transform it into a modern and, at the same time, easy to use online store according to the latest trends imposed by UI & UX. The new e shop aimed to serve the needs of every woman on clothing, with sizes from Small up to 5XL. Based on this goal, we have set the communication strategy of the new online store.


Before the implementation of the new project, we gave special emphasis to the research and analysis of the best but also more modern trends and practices that will lead to its success.

The aim was to separate the regular and plus size products, to easily navigate the users to define the audience and the way to approach it through a comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan in which the KPI’s were set as goals.

At the same time, we redesigned the logo to make it more modern and fresher. Great emphasis was placed on the technical part of the S.E.O. so that the website would be optimized for the search engines, as well as not to lose the position of its organic results from the transition of the old to the new website. The result was the creation of a state-of-the-art eshop, both in terms of design, mechanisms, and user-friendliness.


The creation of a fresh online store, with optimal design and proper mechanisms, so that each user can complete his purchase quickly and immediately. In a parallel manner, its complete optimization for mobile devices, with fast loading speed, easy and correct product categorization between regular sizes and plus sizes, one-page checkout, and the installation of the right mechanisms with scripts helped to achieve the goals.

In combination with the integrated strategy devised by the Digital Marketing department, it led to an increase in the website's traffic, the repeatability of purchases by users, and a gradual increase in sales. The result of the collective actions of the Department of Design, Development, Digital Marketing, and Consulting throughout the implementation of the project, was the achievement of KPI’s defined in the integrated strategy that was drawn up.



Search Engine Optimization

Optimization actions were carried out for the website in levels of content, structure, and technical implementation, with the aim of the smoothest possible transition from the old to the new webpage and achieving the best possible organic rankings. Particular emphasis was given on the speed of the website in mobile environments and the easiest possible navigation of the visitor on the website. In a few months, the result of the actions was visible, with the improvement of the quality of the organic traffic (conversion rate, session duration, pages/sessions, bounce rate), as well as to the increase of online transactions.


The artistic configuration started with the redesign of the original logo. Following meticulous research and analysis conducted in similar companies of the industry, the logo was modernized to strengthen the brand and visually stand out from the competition. The design that was implemented was not only aimed at the creation of an elegant logo but to establish a functional brand over time. After redesigning the logo, the creative department of our company, choosing the right color palette and font, designed a custom-made website based on the new style of the company. Our goal is for the online store architecture to be based on the latest UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) trends, so that the user can have the best possible experience. The design, applied in the online store, fully met all the conditions set by the Digital Marketing department, which followed the marketing actions that were implemented.



The first stage in the construction of this online store was to analyze in-depth its needs. The goal was to combine both regular sizes and plus sizes in a perfectly functional environment. Great emphasis was placed on the performance of the eshop in the mobile environment, as 80% of the user traffic comes from mobile devices. At the same time, the eshop was built to meet the requirements of search engines.

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