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Mavri Thalassa Restaurant
Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects

Mavri Thalassa



  • Consulting
  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO

Year of Implementation

Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects

From Zonguldak in Asia Minor to Thessaloniki, and from Toumba to Kalamaria, Mavri Thalassa has been writing culinary history for almost a century.

Chefs Sonia Margaritou and Alexandros Tokidis, a couple in the kitchen and in life, set the bar high.

So how do you capture nearly 100 years of presence… digitally?

Mavri Thalassa reintroduces itself to the public of Thessaloniki through its new website: renewed, modern, and timeless at the same time, as iconic as itself – the new Mavri Thalassa website is here, and we are proud of the result!

Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects

The Challenge: Crossroad of Past, Present and Future

Combining a restaurant's rich history with an extremely fresh social media presence and translating the result into a modern, functional website is challenging to say the least.

3ds had quite some issues to tackle:

  • Content: How do you narrate an entire century of history without becoming boring? How do you create engaging content that effectively communicates the restaurant's heritage, values, and uniqueness?

  • Diverse audiences: Regulars, new visitors, lovers of fish and fine wine, businessmen, couples, and events – how do you offer a user experience that meets the demands of such a diverse audience?

  • Automations: Modern technologies, online reservations, gift cards, seasonal changes to the menu and wine list, form submissions for private events... how do you manage these without compromising the restaurant’s authenticity?

Respect for heritage and a modern website can coexist. See how we did it.

Methodology – Visuals as the main axis

A restaurant with character itself, we could not but follow the same visual approach: Simple lines, special fonts and impressive images formed the core of the project, while SEO and custom development came to complete the result.

  • Comprehensive research: First and foremost, we tried to understand the values and unique features that make Mavri Thalassa… Mavri Thalassa! Market research , chef and owner interviews, a deep dive into its history, advantages that have brought the popular restaurant to the top.

  • Storytelling through design: Words and images that tell a story, that connect yesterday with today and create an immersive experience through UX/UI design. In such cases, branding is the be-all and end-all.

  • Custom development: A ready-made WordPress Theme could never deliver the desired result. Custom website design and development based on international best practices of the industry were put into effect immediately, ensuring that users will enjoy a classic approach in a highly modern way.

Result – New Page, Literally and Figuratively 

  • Enhanced brand image: From renewing the logo and defining the basic color palette that Mavri Thalassa will follow from here on out, to the photos of the restaurant and the style it will maintain, the unified branding will further enhance the timelessness of the iconic fish restaurant.

  • Modernized functions: The integration of modern features, such as online reservations and virtual menus, places Mavri Thalassa in the modern digital age without forgetting its past, while at the same time facilitating both customers and staff.

  • Impressive online presence: An effective SEO strategy and a visually appealing website boost the restaurant's online presence, attracting a wider audience, increasing clientele and further enhancing its reputation.

Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects

Design, the salt

Just as salt, oil and lemon enhance the taste of a dish, the success of a website is based on "simple" ingredients: SEO, design, development.

A website both nostalgic and visually impressive, we managed to achieve the perfect balance between past and present through a complete responsive experience, both on desktop and mobile devices.

Users can easily navigate the website through a clear menu, make a reservation, express interest in an event, read interesting articles and restaurant news, view the menu and wine cellar, learn more about the chefs, etc.

The right UX/UI Design is essential to the success of a website today and at 3ds we know it well!

SEO, the oil

The SEO department proceeded with optimizing both architecture and content. A series of 301 redirects was also carried out in order to make a proper migration and not lose any value from the restaurant’s old website.

Although Mavri Thalassa has a strong social media presence with original content, SEO managed to discover new opportunities, especially at a local level, through thorough keyword research and applying best practices.

Along with creating content through blogging and writing SEO-optimized content for the new site's pages, local SEO brought a significant increase in local results, boosting the website's ranking in Google search results.

Development, the lemon

Adapting our services to the unique needs of the historic restaurant, our agency’s development department came to seal its success and "bring to life" what was initially designed.

We ensured that the website not only reflects the history of Mavri Thalassa, but also provides modern features such as easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, attractive interface, fast loading speed and an overall seamless user experience that can make a difference.

In the digital kitchen of 3ds, the marketing, design and development departments can become the chefs of your own success.

Do you want to enjoy a delicious online trip too?

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Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects
Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects
Mavri Thalassa – Digital Projects
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