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Olympic Stores Online Fashion Mall
Olympic Stores

Olympic Stores

Online Fashion Mall


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consulting
  • SEO

Year of Implementation

Olympic Stores

Olympic Stores is a well-known footwear company and a modern online fashion mall offering a complete eshopping experience, featuring a huge selection of shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and jewelry.

Olympic Stores

The challenge

The challenges of this project were a) the successful transition from the eshop that was already online and its complete transformation into a modern and user-friendly online store in line with the latest design and development requirements and b) to build the interface with the company's business management program automated product information and stock availability procedures, that minimized the need for daily manual control.


The goal was to create an online store, where visitors can easily and quickly complete their shopping, by applying the right filters and using a common shopping cart for all items. Starting with an extensive market research and competition, we defined the audiences and their outreach strategy, through a range of online channels - Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.), social media promotion and affiliate networking. The design of the eshop was based on a) optimized aesthetics and functionality and b) the development of an online environment that inspires credibility and security of transactions, to achieve the best possible user experience leading to repeat purchases.


The harmonious coordination of the Marketing, Design and Development departments led to the creation of a highly dynamic online fashion mall and the transformation of Olympic Stores into one of the largest players in the apparel and footwear sector in Greece and Cyprus.


Olympic Stores
Olympic Stores
Olympic Stores
Olympic Stores
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