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Popstyle Cosmetics Eshop
Popstyle – Digital Projects |


Cosmetics Eshop


  • UI/ UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO

Year of Implementation


Popstyle – Digital Projects |

Popstyle is a cosmetics company that has been active in the trade for over 30 years, in retail and wholesale. It offers excellent makeup products, perfumes, face, and body care, and accessories for women and men. The long experience of its founders and contributors was the reason for its next step: a new eshop as the continuation of a long-term engagement with beauty and care.

In collaboration with 3ds, a modern and fresh online cosmetics store has been created that ensures quality choices and updated beauty suggestions. Due to the wide range of products that Popstyle has, particular emphasis was given to the design, so that every customer can immediately find what he wants. For a better and easier navigation of the user, the most modern trends of UI / UX Design were applied, with emphasis on creating an eshop that will fully meet the needs of every woman.

Popstyle – Digital Projects |

Then, technical inspection of the eshop was conducted with the use of specialized SEO tools and platforms, in order to identify potential problems that need immediate treatment. At the same time, the 3ds team optimized the basic landing pages at the level of metadata and header tags, to achieve the best possible indexing by each search engine. With the completion of onsite SEO practices, the Popstyle domain was registered in the Google Search Console platform, which enables the recording and analysis of data related to organic visits to the eshop.


Popstyle – Digital Projects |
Popstyle – Digital Projects |
Popstyle – Digital Projects |
Popstyle – Digital Projects |
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