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Spell Cosmetics Cosmetics EShop
Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |

Spell Cosmetics

Cosmetics EShop


  • UI / UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing

Year of Implementation

Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |

Spell Cosmetics is an innovative company focused on creating nail care products with natural ingredients. All of its creations are addressed to and support women who try to balance the large volume of professional and family obligations in their lives, without sacrificing their beauty. In addition, they contain 10 less dangerous chemicals, which makes it stand out from other cosmetic companies.


The 3ds team was asked to design a modern and up-to-date eshop from scratch. Following the latest trends in UI / UX design, an online store was created that will communicate the basic philosophy and the uniqueness of Spell Cosmetics products to each visitor. Fresh and nude color tones were selected that enhance the sense of naturalness, along with photographic material to emphasize the company's style.


Emphasis was placed on the optimal UX (User Experience) of the eshop, with creatives responding to the online movements of the visitor, through which each visitor can immediately complete any purchase in combination with special search filters. As a whole, a highly functional, elegant, clean and mobile friendly eshop was given live for use by users of all ages.

Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |

The SEO department proceeded with e-shop optimization actions, first at the level of information structure and architecture of the eshop and then at the level of content. The SEO and Design departments collaborated for the best possible user experience, something that will lead to the improvement of the quality metrics of the eshop and to repeated visits. After extensive competition research, topics and keywords, the long-term SEO & Content Marketing strategy was defined (writing texts, creating blog articles) with the aim of increasing organic visits.


Finally, a communication strategy was created in order to inform the company and its products to consumers through Google and Facebook campaigns.


Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |
Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |
Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |
Spell Cosmetics – Digital Projects |
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